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Clemens Nachbaur The Good Food Chicken

Internationally experienced bonnet and star cook Clemens Nachbaur offers culinary highlights, events, courses and food coaching seminars for gourmet lovers with his newly founded company "Clemens Nachbaur - The Good Food". It's fine dining at the highest level!

Project info: corporate identity, logo design, art direction, web design & development, digital branding, Wordpress, social media consulting
Clemens Nachbaur Logo

To bring Clemens Nachbaur’s culinary approach and philosophy across, we designed a simple and timeless logo solution which works perfectly in both, the analog and digital world. And it can be adapted to be used effectively depending on the requirements. Everything from the browser address field “favicon” to the website and social media profile icon, as well as printed matters and overalls.

Clemens Nachbaur Business Cards
Clemens Nachbaur Printed Matter
Clemens Nachbaur Typography Jacket

Design and functionality of the responsive website is a consequent continuation of the overall design concept. Elegant and simple layouts, clear structures and user-friendliness determine the online presence of Clemens Nachbaur. The site which is optimised for desktop and mobile devices, can be easily extended to meet future needs.

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